Who We Are?

Mead Lee founded in 1986 as a trading company which has successfully earned global recognition in the natural rubber and packaging industry over the past decade, Which was attributed to the sustained support by its customers and suppliers, who have continuously cooperated with Mead Lee Research and Development operations, as an exporter of Natural Rubber.

Mead Lee’s dedication to give its customers value for money, honesty and integrity soon made it a leader in the field and made it a competitor to the bigger export companies. With a keen insight to the necessity of good packaging and presentation, it moved into the flexible packaging industry and very soon had most leading manufacturers for both the domestic and foreign markets as its clients, supplying quality flexible packaging materials for specially food and confectionery market.

Mead Lee, having an inborn instinct to recognize talent and potential has a hand picked team of staff members and finely tuned them to be experts in their respective fields of employment.

With a very clear vision for the future of the company, Mead Lee has made prudent investments in prime property with a view to diversify the activities of the company. Now Mead Lee is ready to move into the fields of Holiday Bungalows and the tourist industry. It has also made the initial steps to involve the company in development projects together with foreign principals.

Within a short period having commenced operations, Mead Lee has now established its company head office in its own premises at Dutugamunu Street, Kohuwala and the factory a kilometer down the same road which is also on its company property with all necessary machines and equipments to facilitate the requirements of Mead Lee’s clients to their entire satisfaction and on time.

Mead Lee’s High – Performance packing films which allow companies to have a clear Nature – Based top quality color and graphic for outstanding self presence.

We have bonus facilities for environmentally aware consumers.