thick pale crepe rubber

TPC - Thick Pale Crepe Rubber

Crepe rubber is obtained when coagulated latex is passed several times through heavy rollers, These rollers are called "crepers". It is then dried in ambient temperature. The type of the crepe rubber depends on the type of starting material (for example tree lace, shell scrap and earth scrap) Mead Lee rubber, once manufactured is graded according to colour and appearance.

° This specialized grade can be used for light coloured and transparent products in many manufacturing processes.

° Some of the industries and products that are widely using TPC are surgical/pressure sensitive tapes, spread textiles, rubber bands, hot water bottles, surgical and pharmaceutical products, large industrial rollers for paper printing, gas masks, swim fins and caps, short foot wear, rubberised curtaining, bicycle tubes, chewing gum, tennis balls, cables sheaths, and adhesive solutions.

° There are five grades of TPC that is currently being produced and shipped out of Sri Lanka. They are TPC1X, TPC1, TPC2, TPC3 and TPC4.

Packing Specifications
° 25 KG Net / Bale
° 800 KG Net / Pallet
° 32 bales / Pallet
° 20 Pallets
° 16 Mton Net / 20FCL