stand up zipper pouches

Stand-Up Pouches with / without Zipper

Our state of the art facilities provides the highest quality stand-up pouch based on your product's life cycle, filling process and usage. Our engineering expertise can design these stand-up pouch with or without the zipper, which will give unique features your product needs to engage consumers.

Mead Lee stand-up bags are designed for packaging and displaying various food and spices including pet treats, frozen foods, snacks and more. Its sealed sides and bottom gusset provide maximum strength, allowing the bag to perform as a true stand-up pouch that’s perfect for bulk shelf storage.

The bottom of the bag is structured to keep the pouch standing upright on any flat surface. Toward the top of the bag, you’ll find convenient tear notches for easy access to the bag’s press-to-close zipper opening. Whether you’re packaging solid, liquid, or powdered items, this zipper opening offers reusable versatility and long-lasting freshness.

We can also apply a gloss or matte finish to give your stand-up bag a sleeker appearance in certain areas and a more natural look in others. The bag itself is available with custom packaging options and ideal for storing a wide selection of product quantities.

Applications & Markets

° Frozen Foods (IFQ)
° Specialty Foods and Spices
° Health and Beauty
° Snack Food
° Pet Food & Treats
° Nutritional Supplements
° Dry Ingredients
° Household Chemicals
° And more!

Variety of Features

° Press-to-close zippers
° Spouts and fitments
° Valves
° Hang hole
° Tear notch
° Rounded corners
° Product window
° Gloss or matte finish
° Additional options available on request