Our Success

Chairman’s Review

B.G. Jayasinghe

Emily Dickson, the American poet, once said: “Fortune’s precious smile must be earned” The success story of Mead Lee Group, is a perfect example of how a man full of enterprise, along with his young children, worked hard and at times against odds, to discover the significance of these words in their lives.
Competence in packaging, speaks well and tells about the product which is packed and enhances and increases its importance in the market, which is a decisive factor of product competitiveness.

Mead Lee as a leader in Sri Lanka’s Packaging and Natural Rubber Export Industry, has long upheld the traditions of Excellence and Craftsmanship.

Vice Chairman / Executive Director’s Review

N.M.Guruge (Bsc Net. Comp)

Mead Lee is a conscientious Corporate Citizen, with high regard for the Natural Environment to mobilize this respect for the Environment into concrete action, the management has been taking advanced preventative and applicable decisions. Most importantly they are also Eco friendly efforts from Mead Lee Group.

At Mead Lee there is one value that applies to all employees and customers worldwide our commitment to ethics.


Our vision is to lead the industry in each line of our business we will organize and operate to be honest, humble and customer oriented. To be couteous and sincere we will develop and continue to provide high quality products for customer satisfaction.


  • Continue improving
  • Earn trust and satisfaction from customers
  • Introduce eco-friendly packaging materials